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CIO's Have It Wrong When It Comes to Ransomware

In this paper, Ryan Cote, former U.S. DOT CIO, calls attention to the urgent need to reevaluate current defensive strategies against ransomware, highlighting the inefficiencies of outdated approaches and limitations of current cybersecurity tools and backup and recovery strategies.

Oct 3

A New Solution for Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware attacks continue to threaten organizations worldwide. Our whitepaper explores the realities of ransomware and introduces Nubeva's innovative approach to decryption for recovery

June 1

Nubeva Gets Operations Back Online Quickly Limiting Downtime and Restoring Critical Systems

Discover how Nubeva's ransomware recovery solution helped a hospital restore critical systems and services after a devastating LockBit ransomware attack.

May 20

Decrypting Ransomware: The Latest Techniques for Fighting Back

Steve Perkins, Chief Marketing Officer at Nubeva, explores how decryption is the fastest path to ransomware recovery, the steps to take when responding to a ransomware attack and the average time and cost of ransoms. 

March 7

Discussing Ransomware and an Innovative Approach to Ridding us of this Blight

In this of Tech Talks Podcast, we explore an innovative solution that attacks the problem from a completely different angle.

Jan 13

5 Myths of Ransomware and the Realities of Response

Facts are clear: most organizations have or will experience a ransomware attack in 2022. Join us on July 27th, 2022, at 11 am Pacific for a deep dive discussion into the realities of ransomware.

Jun 30

Nubeva Ransomware Reversal Overview + Demo

Nubeva Ransomware Reversal  overview in less than 5 minutes. Breaking down the solution, the problem solved and providing a demo of decryption in action against lethal CONTI ransomware. 

Product Briefs

Product Brief: Ransomware Reversal

Nubeva Product Brief overviewing the Universal Solution to Decrypt Ransomware Without Paying Ransom or Restoring from Backups.

May 20

Ransomware By The Numbers

Pulling from Nubeva's   Ransomware Reversal Whitepaper, this infographic is a staunch reminder that relying on security technologies, back-ups, and insurance alone is not enough.


White Paper: Ransomware Reversal

In this technical White Paper, we break down the newest option in a ransomware protection and response strategy. Nubeva's   Ransomware Reversal technology   gives.…


Product Overview: SKI Sensor

Nubeva SKI Sensors are endpoint software that learn and extract TLS session encryption keys from client and server memory and se...


Breaking Down Nubeva's Technical Advancements and Updates

Watch back our Technical Brown Bag session from November 18, 2020 at 11 a.m

Product Briefs

Federal Brief: Ransomware Reversal

Ransomware is a top risk to our nation’s networks. Nubeva has partnered with Copper River CS to provide clients the ability to recover…


Nubeva Ransomware Reversal Tech Brownbag: December 2022

Nubeva announced the successful expansion of our patented and award-winning software technology to enable the decryption and recov...


DEMO: Discover and Extract Session Keys From Leading Applications

In this video, Erik Freeland, Head of Customer Engineering, demonstrates the Nubeva Sensor capturing keys from a variety of applications including..


Tech Brownbag: Fall 2022 Product Announcements

Tech Brownbag - Nubeva's Key Discovery is Evolving. First TLS. Now, Ransomware. Nubeva develops and licenses enterprise-class soft...


Whitepaper: A Definitive Guide To Modern Network Decryption

In this comprehensive paper entitled A Definitive Guide to Modern Network Decryption: A Case for Nubeva SKI in a TLS 1.3 World and...

Product Briefs

Product Overview: SKI Decryptor

Nubeva SKI Decryptors are turnkey container solutions that receive encrypted mirrored traffic and output decrypted traffic on a..


Tech Brownbag: Session Key Intercept Security

On our March 2021 Technical update, we dive into The Security of Session Key Intercept and answer other frequently asked questions...


2021 TSX V50 | Nubeva Technologies

Nubeva TSX Company Overview Video.