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The NEW Solution to Ransomware

Nubeva Ransomware Reversal is a protective solution to combat the escalating ransomware threat. Our patented decryption technology enables organizations to decrypt ransomware without paying ransoms.  This solution is the fastest and easiest way to recover from an attack, minimizing downtime and its associated costs and damages.

The Problem

The status quo approach to ransomware is proving insufficient.  Despite Billions spent annually on next-generation security and backups, ransomware continues to grow.  In 2023, attacks have increased by over 50%, and 72% of victims end up paying the ransom because their backups and snapshots were disabled, corrupted, or deleted.  The fact is threat actors continue to find vulnerabilities in these systems because A. no technology is perfect B. human errors always exist, especially with the complexities of the latest technologies. C. threat actors are highly motivated. Clearly, something more or different is needed.    

The Solution

Ransomware Reversal is a simple software system that, if deployed before an attack, provides an incremental protective layer.

How it Works: Deploy our endpoint software agents across all endpoints. The sensor can reliably and silently intercept the cryptographic keys used at the moment of attack. With the keys available, decryption without paying ransoms is not only possible but simple and straightforward. Nubeva provides high-speed, enterprise-grade software decryptors that use the keys and restore the data to the moment before the attack. 

Ransomware reversal is 3rd party validated by Dreamport/MISI and proven to work on virtually all modern ransomware, sight unseen.  The solution complements and does not overlap with existing security and backup solutions and strategies. Implementing and operating is trivial, extremely affordable, and comes with performance guarantees.

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Nubeva's whitepaper discusses the escalating threat of ransomware and why current defenses and recovery solutions fall short. Dive into the details of Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal and explore real-world case studies of recovery in action.

The Value

Rapid Data Recovery

Reduce downtime and financial losses with our proven decryption technology. Ensure swift and precise recovery, enhancing data resilience and business continuity.

Simple To Deploy and Maintain

Implementing Nubeva is straightforward and maintenance-free, providing quick and efficient protection, which is crucial at any stage of your ransomware resilience strategy.

No Brainer Pricing

Nubeva offers guaranteed performance with flexible "insurance-like" pricing models, making it affordable for organizations of all sizes, out of existing discretionary budgets. 

Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of Catastrophic Downtime and Consequences

Nubeva Ransomware Reversal

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