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Industry Spotlight

Architecture, Engineering and Design Firms 2X more likely to be hit by Ransomeware

Partner with Nubeva

IR firms, MSSPS and VARs partner with Nubeva to fill the gap in Ransomware response


Ransomware Reversal is a completely new solution in the fight against the global threat.
Not another blocking or detection cybersecurity system, and not another storage or backup system.

Nubeva decrypts ransomed data by capturing the keys used to encrypt at the point of detonation in the first place. With the keys available, decryption is fast, easy, and reliable, and it restores your data to the instant before the attack.

The software is trivial to implement and operate and offered with traditional SW and shared-risk pricing models, making it can fit into any budget to enhance protection immediately and reduce risks of significant costs and business damage


Ransomware Reversal is the New, Essential Solution for Every Organization.

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Decrypt Active Ransomware?

"This is not supposed to be possible"

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Nubeva's solutions are powered by our patented, Session Key Intercept (SKI) technology. SKI technology is endpoint solution that scans application processes as they load into memory to detect and monitor the operations of encryption code in real-time.  As it does this, SKI can intercept the encryption session key materials.  With the "keys" available, simple, fast, and economic decryption is trivial.  

Nubeva's SKI technology was invented to enable deep packet inspection of TLS traffic for cybersecurity and application assurance. SKI for TLS/SSL is widely deployed as embedded licensed software by manufacturers and service providers to fill gaps introduced by TLS 1.3 and Pinned Certificates.

 Ransomware Reversal, released in early 2022, is a new use case of SKI technology where keys are reliably intercepted from file encryption versus network encryption functions.  The solution is available as an end-user enterprise solution or as licensed software components for OEM/embedded licensing.   

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