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Nubeva achieves 100% key capture rate and successful ransomware decryption in evaluation. 

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Efficiently restore critical systems. Nubeva's rapid recovery solution minimizes downtime and gets operations back online quickly.


A new recovery layer is required to harden the ransomware response strategy. Here are the facts:

100% of victims had cyber security and backup systems. Yet attacks are rising and
72% of victims pay, over 80% have permanent data loss, and the average downtime is 21 days.

Ransomware Reversal is a complementary solution to fill the gap between security defense and backup. Nubeva makes decryption of modern ransomware possible as the fastest and easiest solution to recover data, systems, and critical business operations when attacked. 

How? Nubeva's patented software system captures ransomware encryption key materials at the moment of attack.  With the keys available, data decryption is fast, easy, and reliable via Nubeva-supplied decryptors and white-glove support services.

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Why Add Ransomware Reversal to your Data Resilience Strategy?

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Nubeva's solutions are powered by our patented Session Key Intercept (SKI) technology. SKI is endpoint software that scans application processes in memory to detect and monitor the operations of encryption code in real time.  As it does this, SKI intercepts encryption key materials.  With the "keys" available, simple, fast, and economic decryption is trivial.  As of 2023, there are millions of instances of SKI technology deployed by customers and OEM relationships. SKI is central to both Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal and TLS Visibility Solutions.   

SKI for TLS/SSL Traffic
SKI for Ransomware

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