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Nubeva licenses a modular family of software components to implement SKI (Session Key Intercept) based
TLS Decryption. Nubeva SKI delivers the modern solution for inline and passive systems decryption and inspection.


Offered as source and object code, Nubeva provides endpoint key extraction software (SKI Sensors) and both a turnkey and a library decryption option that utilizes symmetric keys.

The SKI Sensor and SKI Decryption solutions can be used in your solution independently or work together to form a complete solution. All elements support Nubeva’s innovative FastSKI™ protocol, which provides a highly reliable, secure, low-latency key delivery from source to destination.

SKI Sensors

Learn and Extract Symmetric Session Keys

Lightweight, read-only, nextgen endpoint software uses highly optimized TLS signatures to detect and decode TLS processes in memory and extract keys before handshakes complete. They work across today’s myriad of TLS implementations and a growing list of host platforms to extract keys for any session seamlessly from the client or server-side of a connection, intra-, and inter-machine. Sensors are easy to implement, easily managed, and work independent of authentication, PKI, without certs and server private keys. With no application or library changes, Nubeva’s discrete sensor is the answer to simplifying TLS decryption - once you have the session secrets, decryption is simple and efficient. Technical Details:

  • TLS 1.3, TLS 1.2 with PFS, Legacy TLS/SSL, Pinned and Client Certificates, and Third-Party Services
  • Discover keys from client or server-side - Keys are symmetric.
  • Operates independently of protocol, cipher, and underlying data path
  • A vast, growing set of extraction signatures cover 99% of TLS implementations today and extensible into the future.
  • Write keys to files, pipe keys to other host processes, or forward across the network using Nubeva’s ultrafast and secure FastSKI™ protocol.
  • Key capture, export, and delivery in <200mμ (before the first packet is encrypted)
  • Supporting a growing list of platforms and OS including containers, Kubernetes DaemonSet, Windows Service, or Native Linux Daemon
  • Exclusive Keysense™ technology signals receiving systems if keys are not available for alternate traffic handling
  • Written in GoLang, sensors are available as containers and DaemonsSets as well as native OS system services.

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SKI Decryption Library

High-Speed TLS1.3 Decryption Anywhere

Nubeva’s Decryption Library is an advanced C-Library that supports high-speed TLS 1.3 and TLS 1.2 PFS decryption, delivering more than 12Gb/sec per core. Matching streamed traffic with the discovered session secrets (or keys from any other source), Nubeva’s secure Decryption Library enables pure, symmetric decryption embedded directly in existing or new inline and passive DPI systems.

  • Enables TLS 1.3+ decryption for inline security and monitoring manufacturers, passive systems, and Tier 1 telco for 5G monitoring
  • High-speed decryption in >12Gb/sec per core scales to 40G, 100G or more
  • Comprehensive cipher support (see the list here)
  • Decryption library parses and decrypts TLS encapsulations in TCP payloads.
  • Lost frame recovery - attempts to continue decrypting a TLS session when TCP packets containing TLS records or TLS record fragments are lost.
  • Companion key buffer to receive and serve keys from Sensors
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SKI Decryptor

A Turnkey Decryption Solution

A complete symmetric key decryption solution delivered as a container. Using session keys discovered by Nubeva’s SKI sensors, the decryptor reads packets from an interface and matches the keys with streamed traffic. Packets are decrypted and delivered out of the virtual interface to inspect, monitor, or forward.

  • Delivered as a single light-weight Docker container
  • Decrypts TLS 1.3, 1.2 PFS, TLS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0
  • Supports all major ciphers including ChaCha20-poly1305
  • 2Gbs/sec performance scale-out architecture for on-prem and cloud implementations
  • Decrypted packets are processed by commercial and open-source tools [such as Arkime (Moloch), Bro, ntop, Suricata, Wireshark]
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Maintenance and Support

Committed to Tailored Customer Success

Nubeva complements its software products with white-glove support and maintenance. As Nubeva continues to innovate and ciphers suites evolve, those implementing Nubeva’s SKI architecture, or components thereof, will receive ongoing support. Our support package will include Key Extraction Signature updates, software updates, bug fixes, documentation, and consultative support focused on rapid implementation, innovation, knowledge transfer, and continuous delivery of solutions utilizing Nubeva technology.

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