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Why Partner with Nubeva?

Nubeva is a complementary solution to existing protection and response strategies. We partner with leading firms to provide a new vital layer of business resilience. Our partners are solving big problems for their customers. Improve your customer outcomes with ransomware decryption. We can get business back online fast with the goal of RansomLess recovery.

Available Partnerships

It takes an alliance of people, processes, and technology to protect businesses from the fallout of a ransomware attack. Let’s Tackle Ransomware Together.  

For Managed Services Providers

As a lightweight, simple-to-deploy sensor with “fire and forget” management, Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal can be added to existing managed stacks to provide instant ransomware decryption protection.

For Incident Response Firms

Are you responding to a live ransomware event? Have a customer that did not get all data back after paying the ransom? Nubeva has successfully “saved” companies from large to small with our advanced decryption services. Contact us to learn more.

For OEMs

Nubeva offers OEM and source code options to integrate Ransomware Reversal technology into your existing endpoint technologies. Gain competitive advantage and fill gaps by adding ransomware decryption capabilities in a crowded marketplace.

For Value-Added Resellers

Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal is the first of its kind, offering resellers an option to expand within existing accounts, attract new prospects, and provide additional protection at an achievable price point.

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For Law Firms, Cyber Insurance Companies, and Breach Coaches

Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal is relevant across the ransomware preparedness and response process. To beat ransomware, all options must be available on the front lines of the fight. Let’s discuss how we can enable your clients.

Interested in a Partnership?

The Missing Option in Ransomware Response

Nubeva is the missing link in efficient data recovery following a ransomware attack. When ransomware gets passed cyber security systems and backups are insufficient, Nubeva fills in the gaps once the damage is assessed. Enabling organizations to get systems online quickly—a new disaster recovery solution built for Ransomware.

  • Eliminates the need to work with criminals

  • Avoid lengthy negotiations and recover data faster

  • Provides a previously impossible safety net

  • Enterprise-class decryption software and support

  • Cost-effective pricing models

Why Partner with Nubeva

  • Expands your existing offerings with an easily integrated, open system
  • Provides opportunity for upsell and whitespace penetration
  • Offers instant protection and assurance to your customers
  • Provides high revenue potential
  • Offers an easily-integrated open system

  • Avoids ransom negotiations and payments