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Nubeva introduced a universal solution to solve the growing TLS visibility problem affecting network security and application performance services. Our breakthrough capability eliminates the need for you to struggle with legacy mechanisms and bring a new, high-performance, low-cost capability to your customers. This allows you to avoid reinventing the wheel and future proofs your product as encryption standards evolve.

  1. Does your solution rely on packet traffic to perform vital product functions?
  2. Do your customers experience performance and latency struggles affecting the core services they rely on?
  3. With the adoption of modern cloud network architectures and modern TLS protocols, are you experiencing growing holes in your deep packet monitoring and inspection capabilities?

Nubeva answers these concerns. We work with you to restore and expand your passive systems, and enhance and offload your inline systems so you can focus on solving problems for your customers.



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Restore and Expand

Passive Systems

Nubeva puts out-of-band back on the table. Modern TLS broke the ability to replay sessions to discover the final encryption keys, essentially obsoleting out-of-band decryption. Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept technique restores passive detection, inspection and forensic tools. Nubeva discovers and extracts the final symmetric encryption keys from host memory and securely delivers them to your system allowing you to see more traffic, and bring better value and performance to your customers.


Enhance and Boost

Inline Systems

Nubeva partners with leading next-generation firewalls, secure web gateways, application delivery controllers and other proxies to solve challenges posed by modern TLS and pinned certificates. Nubeva’s approach to modern TLS visibility allows you to augment inline systems by offloading resource intensive man-in-the-middle decryption. With our patented Symmetric Key Discovery approach, Nubeva discovers the session specific keys allowing you to decrypt on your inspection tools with ease - and with no need to manage or share certificates.


Create and Enable

New Visibility

Nubeva expands the capability of our partnering technologies by introducing a new way to discover the final encryption keys from previously “unreachable” places. Our read-only sensors discover symmetric keys from container and Kubernetes environments (including intra-Kubernetes and container to container), intra-zone VPCs and high-speed connections, cloud and 3rd party API connections, East-West traffic, cloud infrastructure calls, and pinned traffic - with more options being added all the time. Pairing with our solution, you can add visibility previously impossible to your suite of services.

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