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Nubeva is a pioneering technology company that is fiercely dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions to combat ransomware, a significant and growing threat to the global economy.

We are a team of fearless innovators armed with deep expertise in cryptography, software, operating systems, networking, and automation. We are committed to challenging the status quo and have proven success in leadership, execution, and technology innovation with multiple successful companies, products, patents, and business exists under our belt. 

We ae not just fighting ransomware. We are fighting for a better, safer world.



Our revolutionary Ransomware Reversal solution enables ransomless description of attacks for faster, easier recoveries without paying criminals. Our award-winning next gen TLS visibility technology allows security solutions to better detect and prevent malware hidden in encrypted communications. At Nubeva, innovation never sleeps, with new potentials on the horizon.

We are committed to making a difference. To deliver simple, affordable solutions that improve ransomware resilience. To create value and growth for our shareholders. To form win-win partnerships through enhancement and leverage. And to provide our employees with unprecedented growth opportunities in a fast-paced, family-friendly work culture.

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Nubeva is relentlessly committed to delivering value for our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.  Nubeva Technologies (NBVA) is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and OTCQB (NBVAF).

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Changing the game takes highly talented people working as a team, fueled with great attitudes and a passion for making a difference.  Join us at Nubeva to define what is possible. 

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