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The Nubeva Story

Nearly every aspect of today’s world is driven by software.  That software is delivered through an ever-expanding and complex mesh of network connections between servers, containers, services, end-users, and devices, all running in private data centers, clouds, over private networks, and the internet.  For security and privacy, nearly all of that traffic is encrypted at increasing levels.  But while encryption protects, it also hides rising cyberthreats operating within, and it hides application performance issues - both represent a significant risk to mission-critical functions.  

Nubeva exists to address this challenge: to enable the world to adopt higher levels of encryption without sacrificing essential, lawful visibility into encrypted traffic for the highest levels of protection and application assurance. Nubeva develops and licenses next-generation decryption technology to enable enterprise cybersecurity and application monitoring systems. Our patented SKI TLS decryption technology represents an industry breakthrough that solves growing issues with legacy decryption and offers greater capability, higher performance at lower costs.

The Truth is on the Wire

Nubeva firmly believes that deep network data visibility is imperative. The ability to see into the data that moves between 'things' on-the-wire is the ultimate source of truth. Traditionally, this decrypted visibility has been expensive, complicated, and imperfect, and thus, is used sparingly. Nubeva enables organizations to unlock their "truth" with an easier, more economical answer for deep network visibility.

Solving Real Problems

We believe in pragmatic solutions to real-world problems that truly work and deliver value upfront and over time.

Innovation is Everything

We believe in breaking molds and re-imaging solutions from the future backwards, challenging status quo always.

Quality and Service

We believe that the best ideas are worthless without an all-in commitment to product quality and customer success.

Define What is Possible

JOIN OUR TEAM: Changing the game takes highly talented people working as a team, fueled with great attitudes, and a passion for making a difference.  Join us at Nubeva to define what is possible. 

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Nubeva is relentlessly committed to delivering value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.  Nubeva Technologies (NBVA) is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) in Canada.


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