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Rapid Recovery from LockBit Ransomware in Healthcare

17 May 2023


Learn how Nubeva's groundbreaking ransomware recovery solution decrypts LockBit and the impact of this capability in a healthcare setting.  Nubeva' swiftly restores essential systems and services following a detrimental LockBit ransomware attack. By efficiently minimizing downtime, reducing data loss, and eliminating the need for a costly ransom payment, Nubeva's intervention made a significant impact on patient care.

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Despite implementing robust security measures, the hospital fell victim to a zero-day vulnerability that allowed cybercriminals to breach its network and encrypt critical systems, including the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, patient scheduling services, and domain controllers governing in-suite systems and medical devices. The hospital's IT department promptly alerted the executive team, who activated the emergency response plan to mitigate the attack's severity and restore operations.

The ransomware attack had far-reaching consequences for patient care, causing an emergency situation across regional hospitals. Increased wait times, overwhelmed emergency departments (ED), and disruptions in administering essential treatments to critically ill patients resulted from network connectivity issues with automated medication dispensing systems. These disruptions further compounded the staffing challenges faced by the hospital in providing timely and accurate medication to patients.

By leveraging Nubeva's ransomware recovery solution, the hospital successfully reversed the encryption and restored critical systems quickly. This led to minimized downtime and a swift return to normal operations, directly benefiting patient care. Additionally, Nubeva's intervention reduced data loss and eliminated the need for a costly ransom payment, resulting in significant financial savings for the hospital.

Discover how Nubeva's innovative technology played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of the LockBit ransomware attack, ensuring uninterrupted patient care, and safeguarding the hospital's operations. Read the full case study to learn more about the successful restoration of critical systems, limiting downtime, and restoring the hospital's ability to provide high-quality healthcare services