Ransomless Decryption for Restored Operations

Decrypt Ransomware. Restore Files.
Get Back to Business. 

Nubeva’s Ransomware Reversal technology fills a critical gap in the ransomware response. The silent software steals copies of the encryption keys used to lock files during a ransomware attack. With keys in hand, decrypt files, reverse the attack and get back to normal operations without paying the ransom.

Technical Value Prop

Decrypt successful ransomware attacks, quickly and easily.

Business Value Prop

Reduce downtime costs and

Global Value

Eliminate  the crypto ransomware threat as we know it today

Decrypt Active Ransomware?

"This is not supposed to be possible"

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Ransomware is Getting Past Defenses Undetected

Even with security technology and detection systems, ransomware is getting through.
When that happens, time is of the essence to respond and recover.

Traditional Recovery Options Fall Short

New Solution to Quick Recovery

recover from backup

Recover from back-ups

Average time to recover is 21 days. Full time back-ups costly and criminals work to corrupt data.

pay ransom

Pay the Ransom

Paying criminals is never recommended and there is no guarantee of recovery without consequence.

nubeva sensor

Ransomware Reversal

Decrypt files with discovered encryption keys, restore systems and get back to business. 

How it Works

Ransomware Reversal

Technical Value Prop

1) Get Keys: Intercept the encryption keys created during ransomware events used to lock files and hold the ransom. 

Business Value Prop

2) Use Keys: Once safe to estore your systems, Nubeva's decryption utilities match the keys with the data to reverse the attack

See it in Action

Nubeva’s Solution with Conti Ransomware

Nubeva's Solution For:


Embed into existing security systems to provide additional protection to customer


Ultimate "insurance" plan to add protection to your organization in event of an attack


Easy add to existing managed response services


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