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Nubeva Ransomware Reversal

The New Layer of
Ransomware Protection

Proven Software Solution to Decrypt Ransomware

Minimize Downtime and Damages From Attacks

Ransomware is a critical threat to businesses of all sizes. It will hit your organization, with devastating consequences. These include the loss of critical data, potential damage to systems, and a complete halt in business operations. The impact can be devastating, leading to substantial financial losses, reputational damage, and even legal liabilities.


Nubeva Ransomware Reversal is a proven revolutionary solution that can help you recover from a ransomware attack quickly and efficiently. Our patented Session Key Intercept (SKI) technology detects ransomware encryption in real-time and immediately captures the encryption keys. The solution works against virtually all ransomware sight unseen. This allows for rapid, reliable, and economical data recovery.

Key Features

An Essential Security Layer for Every Organization

Real-time encryption key capture during an attack
Lightweight and scalable endpoint technology

Custom software decryptors for fast and reliable recovery 


Easy deployment and zero-touch operations

Open architecture compatible with any environment

How It Works

1) Deploy the Nubeva Sensor

Simply deploy the Nubeva Sensor, on all servers and clients. This lightweight sensor operates silently and continuously monitors for any suspicious file encryptions associated with ransomware attacks in real-time.

2) Capture Ransomware Keys

When Ransomware is detected, the sensor intercepts copies of the cryptographic encryption keys utilized in the attack in real-time. These keys are securely stored in a customer's private, dedicated, and secure cloud keystore to await decryption. 

3) Decrypt and Recover

When the time comes for recovery, Nubeva delivers customized decryptors tailored to the specific ransomware strain and comprehensive support to assist IT teams throughout recovery.

The Nubeva Difference 

Proven in Real
World Attacks

Successfully decrypted in live ransomware events, including LockBit2 and 3, BlackCat, CL0P, Royal, and BlackBasta.


As stated by the former CIO of the U.S. DOT, "Nubeva is the fastest and easiest way to reduce the risk of catastrophic damages."

Easy to Implement
and Operate

Fully deployed in less than a day using standard tools.  Does not require regular monitoring and research of logs and alerts. 

Affordable for All Organizations

Nubeva offers flexible pricing models that make it an affordable choice for organizations to obtain instant protection.

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Third-Party Validation

"MISI is excited about this product and believes it shows real promise. Decryption is arguably one of the fastest and lowest data-loss means to recover data from a ransomware attack and, as such, represents a new potential layer of defense. Given these testing results and the simplicity of the NuRR decryption solution, we feel NuRR represents a very real potential safety-net for organizations to consider."

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