TLS Decryption Brochure

    by Nubeva 18 June 2019

    More than 70% of network traffic is encrypted. Previously, SSL/TLS decryption of cloud traffic was attainable only through complex and costly man-in-the-middle architectures, until now. With  Nubeva Decryption Solution  your IT team does not need to tradeoff for visibility or security when attempting to inspect encrypted cloud traffic.

    Nubeva TLS Decryption is a low-cost, easy to deploy and manage solution that uses minimal compute resources, enables parallel decryption and performs with incredible speed. Now enterprise security and IT teams can capture and send some or all of their cloud packet data to inspection, monitoring and compliance tools where it’s decrypted for inspection – all within the user’s cloud account.

    Tags: AWS Azure cloud visibility TLS
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