Nubeva's Universal Solution Supporting TLS 1.3, PFS and all Legacy Ciphers Enables Security and DevOps to See Their Traffic. 

More than 70% of network traffic is encrypted. Previously, SSL decryption of cloud traffic was attainable only through complex and costly man-in-the-middle architectures, until now. With Nubeva Prisms TLS Decryption solution, your IT team does not need to tradeoff for visibility or security when attempting to inspect encrypted cloud traffic.

Nubeva Prisms TLS Decrypt is a universal solution supporting any TLS protocol and cipher including TLS 1.3.  Works with any packet brokering source of your choice including Cloud Mirrors, Azure VTAPs or legacy packet brokering solutions. Our solution is cloud agnostic and works with any tool destination that benefit from decrypted traffic. Nubeva Prisms TLS Decryption is a low-cost, easy to deploy and manage solution that uses minimal compute resources, enables parallel decryption and performs with incredible speed.

Now enterprise security and IT teams can capture and send some or all of their cloud packet data to inspection, monitoring and compliance tools where it’s decrypted for inspection – all within the user’s cloud account.

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Breakthrough TLS Decryption

Nubeva’s breakthrough TLS solution is unique and patent-pending. Here are the highlights: 

  • Out-of-band solution that can decrypt payloads with any cypher, whether a TLS Client or TLS Workload
  • Ephemeral symmetric key discovery, storage and retrieval enables our decrypt agent to match the original encrypted traffic stream with the stored keys. 
  • No man-in-the-middle architecture, no workload alterations, no expensive VMs to manage and no need to alter the certificate
  • Extracted keys are securely encrypted and stored in a cloud database inside your cloud subscription. They are your assets to use for realtime or save-for-later applications, with Prisms or any other decryption system.
  • We are a cloud-native solution, which means we’re 100% distributed and able to scale out. Start, stop and restart as you wish. As such, Nubeva Prisms has no single point of failure and works perfectly with regular “rebuild” and “restocking” operating models for clouds.
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Decryption Use Cases

Working with our clients, gaining decrypted visibility from the cloud enables core functions of security, compliance and troubleshooting not previously possible.

  • Threat Hunting: Encrypted packet traffic can house hidden security threats such as malware, phishing attempts, data exfiltration and internal data leaks. With 70% of cloud traffic being encrypted, the data may be secure but security teams lose the visibility to monitor indicators of compromises, threats and active attacks.  
  • Incident Response: Should an incident occur, the ability to access broad and pervasive (and preferably historical) decrypted traffic will enable incident responders to perform deep forensic analysis.
  • Compliance: Certain  industries (banking and finance, healthcare etc), face compliance standards for deep packet inspection, which is not possible without a decryption solution. This results in organizations delaying cloud adoption or suffering the consequences.
  • Application Performance Monitoring: It is not just security teams that benefit from decryption visibility in the cloud. Decrypted traffic enables rapid troubleshooting, debugging, and support of applications or services in order to get a quick, complete and timely view of what is going wrong.

Universal TLS Decryption 

Nubeva is the universal solution to decryption in the public cloud: 

  • Any TLS protocol and cipher including TLS 1.3 with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) and the newest ciphers including AES-GCM mode, and ChaCha20 (AEAD).
  • Any packet mirroring source - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, storage replay, or third-party 
  • Any tool or system -  application, network, and security monitoring solutions 
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WHy Nubeva TLS Decrypt?

Key Benefits

Universal Coverage

Decrypt nearly any/all TLS/SSL scenarios

End-to-End Encryption

Acquire, process, distribute and decrypt end to end

Scale and Performance

Cloud scale, high performance solution with low to no disruption

Flexible Architecture

Works in any cloud, with any packet capture solution, to any tool

Disruptively Affordable

With commodity pricing, gain both visibility and security

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