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5 Myths of Ransomware: #3 Quickly Recover From Ransomware Via BackUps

February 7, 2023

Ransomware has become a catastrophic disaster to business continuity and operations. Leading IT and cybersecurity professionals no longer ask IF their organizations will be attacked, but WHEN. 

This blog series explores common false assumptions and how they too often limit how organizations plan and execute mitigations against ransomware attacks. Nubeva offers a new solution to fill the gap.

Myth #3: We can quickly recover via storage and backup recovery solutions if ransomware attacks my organization

The Truth: Using backup and storage solutions to recover data after a ransomware attack is far from a guarantee. Threat actors often target backups, rendering them useless through corruption, encryption, or manipulation. As a result, 65% of organizations choose to pay ransoms to try and recover their data, despite having backup solutions.  The threat actors know the #1 tactic to get paid is downtime and business interruption… and it is working.

The challenges with backup for ransomware recovery include::

  1. Backups are intentionally targeted: Backups can be targeted by ransomware, just like the primary data. Backups are frequently turned off, corrupted, or spoofed. 
  2. Backups are intentionally encrypted: Ransomware can encrypt all the data on a network, including the backups, making them useless for recovery.
  3. Backups are frequently outdated: Backups may not be up-to-date, meaning that important, recently added data may not be recoverable or the ability to establish a recovery point is not possible, leading to the risk of reintroducing the original threat. 
  4. Recovery from backups is complex: Recovering data from backups can be complicated and time-consuming, especially in large organizations with complex IT systems.
  5. Organizations do not test disaster recovery plans: The stopwatch starts when organizations are hit by ransomware. Organizations frequently report when the reality of time to recover will far exceed the RTO and RPO requirements of the organization; the only option is to pay the ransom. 

Solution: While backups are essential to any data resiliency strategy, there is a gap that threat actors have a clear path to extort. Nubeva offers a solution built for ransomware that fills this gap. Nubeva enables organizations to decrypt ransomware to the point of attack and complements existing investments. 

With Nubeva Ransomware Reversal

  •  Recovers data quickly, efficiently, and with virtually no loss and without paying ransoms
  •  Easy to implement and operate and complements existing technologies
  •  Innovative retainer pricing makes it a no-brainer for all organizations. 

Nubeva is the best low-barrier, low-cost way to reduce damage from an almost inevitable ransomware attack. What are you waiting for? Contact Nubeva now.

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