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5 Myths of Ransomware: #2 Our Cyber Security Systems Will Stop Ransomware

January 12, 2023

Ransomware has become a catastrophic disaster to business continuity and operations. Leading IT and cybersecurity professionals no longer ask IF their organizations will be attacked, but WHEN. 

This blog series explores common false assumptions and how they too often limit how organizations plan and execute mitigations against ransomware attacks. Nubeva offers a new solution to fill the gap.

Myth #2: My company already has good defense and response cybersecurity systems in place. If "they" get past those systems, we have invested a lot of money into our backups, and snapshots will be sufficient to recover all data. 

Truth: In a 2022 survey of IT professionals (Sophos, 2022), 88% of those hit by ransomware report sufficient cybersecurity budget and headcount. They felt they had sufficient security, backups, and budget to respond to a ransomware attack. That proved not true. 

From reports that continue to come from every industry, we know that even great cybersecurity systems will fail at some point. Even mega-corporations that can afford high-level, multi-layer security programs and extensive back-ups are still subject to ransomware attacks. 

Busted: 99.9999% of Organizations hit by Ransomware…Had Security Systems in Place. 

  • Firewalls and network security are critical, but they aren’t enough. They are effective only ~95% of the time (MIRTRE 2022 Attack Evaluation Results).
  • Ransomware continues to evade defenses and disable and delete backup systems. Today’s cyber criminals anticipate recovery tactics and work to mitigate them. 
  • You should assume that hackers have been in your environment for a long time. They are persistent and conduct discovery to understand your system. When hackers detonate their ransomware, they’ve probably disabled your backups and other security features. 
  • Even companies who paid millions in backup infrastructure still suffer from millions in ransom and recovery costs. 

Solution: From the reports of increasing attacks, we know that current defenses are failing. Add an alternate solution—like Nubeva’s ransomware reversal product—to give another recovery option. With Nubeva, you can capture ransomware encryption keys. With decryption keys you have the fastest path to recover data and get operations back online. 

Nubeva’s technology is a win-win solution: 

  •  Recovers data quickly, easily, and with virtually no loss and without paying ransoms
  •  Easy to implement and operate 
  •  Innovative, pay-when-you-use-it pricing models

Nubeva is the best low-barrier, low-cost way to reduce damage from an almost inevitable ransomware attack. What are you waiting for? Contact Nubeva now.

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