Technical Brown Bag: Symmetric Key Intercept

    by Nubeva 11 May 2020

    Deep dive into the new approach to network decryption. Nubeva has invented and released patented Symmetric Key Intercept infrastructure to solve the problem of capturing session keys -- a problem introduced with new modern encryption protocols. 

    Steve Perkins, Head of Product, leads this hands-on technical presentation. During the session, our experts will discuss: 

    • The “key problem” and the challenges posed by the introduction of Perfect Forward Secrecy-based decryption
    • Technical overview of the Symmetric Key Intercept infrastructure 
    • Use Case: Restore and expand passive systems such as SSL visibility appliances and inspection systems and tools 
    • Use Case: Enhance and boost inline systems including next-generation firewalls, secure web gateway and SSL appliances
    • Use Case: Create and enable new visibility including the cloud, Kubernetes deployments, API calls and more 

    Tags: AWS Opensource moloch
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