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Ransomware Reversal

A Radical New Approach to Ransomware Recovery

Decrypt Ransomed Data Without Negotiating and Paying for Keys to Restore Operations

Nubeva’s Ransomware Reversal is a New Layer
of Protection.

Ransomware will get past cybersecurity defenses sooner or later. When it does, your business is down, time and lost data is money, or worse. Recovery from backup systems is insufficient, with most organizations still paying the ransom to recover.


Nubeva offers a new layer of protection. Our lightweight software can detect ransomware encryption and immediately capture copies of the encryption keys. With keys in hand, Nubeva provides the fastest and easiest path to complete recovery with limited data loss.


Prepare for the inevitable. With Nubeva deployed, get your business back online with the least amount of damages, the least amount of data loss, and the least amount of brand loss:

  • Confidently decrypt a majority of modern ransomware to restore operations.

  • Real-time capture of forensic data to understand precisely what machines were hit, how much data was encrypted, and what process executed the encryption

  • Deploy post-event to contain the further expansion of attack and to facilitate speed up data restoration efforts

Why Nubeva Ransomware Reversal?

60%+ of organizations have admitted to a ransomware event in the past year and the consequences are severe. The Facts: 


Ransomware Gets Passed Cyber Defenses and Detonates Undetected


Recovery from Backup Is Hit or Miss and Can Take Upwards of 21 Days to Restore


 With the Cost of Lost Data and Downtime,  A Majority of Victims Choose to Pay to Restore. 

Nubeva Fills the Gap Ransomware Exploits.

The Ability to Decrypt For Complete File Restoration Without Paying Criminals.

How We Do It:

Nubeva has patented technology that can do the "impossible". Decrypt ransomware encryption without paying for the private key.

Overview Video and Demo

The core solution is built off of Nubeva's patented micro-endpoint software. These small system services (agents) run in the background, on clients and servers, to detect untrusted file encryption. When detected, the software captures and intercepts copies of the encryption keys and all associated metadata around the encryption session. With keys available, decryption is relatively straightforward, easy, and low cost. With keys in hand, victims of a ransom attack can decrypt without paying criminals. When it is time to recover data, Nubeva supplies decryptors for data restoration. 

The Nubeva sensors technology is designed to be a fire-and-forget missile. With trivial deployment and management, the sensors are a self-updating, low resource, and require negligible resources - allowing organizations to add a low-cost, safety net against ransomware with little to no manpower. 

Ransomware Reversal

An Essential Solution for Every Organization:


Small, Lightweight Endpoint Technology


High Coverage Against Most Ransomware Today


Deploy in Hours, Not Days, with Low Maintenance


Open Architecture to Integrate with Any Environment


Innovated Value-Provided Pricing Models

Nubeva Solution For:


Protect Your Organization for the Inevitable with Nubeva's No-Brainer Technology. 

MSSP and IR Firms

IR firms, MSSPS, and VARs partner with Nubeva to Fill the Gap in Ransomware Response


Embed Nubeva into Your Existing End-Point Product to Expand Your Ransomware Protection Value

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