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Nubeva Announces Ransomware Reversal Product Release

January 18, 2022

Initial Commercial Version Is Now Available For Evaluations And Sale

SAN JOSE, Calif, January 18, 2022 – Nubeva Technologies (TSX-V: NBVA, OTC: NBVAF), a software developer of B2B ransomware solutions, announces commercial availability of its anticipated Ransomware Reversal solution.

“With today’s release, we are officially open for business. The initial product is fully functional and has been broadly tested internally and by third parties and is ready to be put into service to help organizations fight the ransomware plague,” said Steve Perkins, Nubeva CMO. “We have begun to turn our sight toward ramping sales and marketing, and we are in a position to support evaluations and take and deliver on sales orders.”

In September 2021, the company announced its Ransomware Reversal capability, a revolutionary new approach to confront the growing global threat. Nubeva’s Ransomware Reversal can decrypt (reverse) the file and data encryption of nearly any ransomware attack without paying the ransom. It is a safety net solution behind firewalls, antivirus-antimalware, and cyber detection and response systems to quickly restore data and get systems back to normal operations when attacks get through.

“We believe what Nubeva is doing is a gamechanger,” said Eric Quinn, CIO of C&S Companies, a mid-sized architecture and construction company and initial Nubeva customer. “Despite all the cybersecurity technologies out there, ransomware is still hitting people, especially mid-size and smaller companies who don’t have the budget or staff to implement and maintain all that tech.   Our industry has seen multiple successful attacks and the volume is rising. We can’t afford to be down for days or weeks. The Nubeva solution is simple, affordable, and from our testing, it works. To me, it is a no-brainer decision. I hope we never need to use it, but I sleep better knowing we have it.”

“I am very pleased with what we have delivered, and I am very excited about our plans and potential moving forward,” said Randy Chou, Nubeva founder and CEO. “Virtually every entity is a target of ransomware, and they are potential customers. We have a lot more innovation we want to add to the product and need to start to scale out our sales, marketing, and support functions, but I feel very good in our ability to execute.”

Nubeva offers its software-based Ransomware Reversal solution as an annual subscription with multi-year options. The company also has programs for managed service providers and incident response companies as well as OEM licensing options.


For more information visit: www.nubeva.com

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About Nubeva Technologies Ltd. 

Nubeva develops and licenses B2B software for next-generation cybersecurity solutions with a focus on ransomware. The company’s patented and awarding winning SKI technology enable advanced decryptions solutions including ransomware reversal - the ability to decrypt and quickly recover from ransomware attacks without paying the ransom, and TLS Visibility - the ability to universally decrypt TLS/SSL network traffic enabling deep packet inspection for cybersecurity and application assurance applications. The company licenses its software to end-user enterprises, managed security service providers, incident responders, and cybersecurity and application solution manufacturers.


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