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Nubeva and Riverbed Improve Security with Added Visibility for Encrypted Network Traffic

30 September 2020

Breakthrough Symmetric Key Intercept Decryption Technology Added to Riverbed’s Industry- Leading AppResponse Network Performance Management Solution


SAN JOSE, Calif., September 30, 2020Nubeva Technologies Ltd. (TSX-V:NBVA), a network traffic visibility software provider, today announced an integration agreement with Riverbed, the leader in performance and visibility solutions for networks and applications. With this announcement, Riverbed AppResponse will integrate with Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept TLS (SSL) visibility technology. This integration enables customers of Riverbed AppResponse, a Network Performance Management (NPM) solution that delivers full stack network and application analysis, to add an even deeper level of visibility for security into encrypted application traffic of critical applications using Nubeva’s system for enabling decrypted visibility of network traffic.

Nubeva licenses its technology to application monitoring and cybersecurity solution manufacturers and end users to enable better visibility with higher performance, lower cost and greater simplicity.

“We are delighted to be working with Riverbed, a true industry leader in network performance management,” said Steve Perkins, Nubeva’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe this integration will enable enterprise IT departments to receive greater value from their AppResponse investments and further validate the industry relevance of our technology to end users and to manufacturers of application monitoring and security solutions. What is also very encouraging is that once we decided how we wanted our products to work together, the integration effort was quite easy allowing us to bring this capability to market in very short order.”

The majority of communication traffic today is encrypted with the TLS encryption protocol. The breakthrough Nubeva technology discovers and extracts final session encryption keys from TLS servers and TLS clients during their communications and makes these keys securely available to enterprise tools and systems to enable more complete, easier, and more economic decryption of traffic to enable deep packet inspection.

Nubeva’s technology works in any modern compute environment including VMs, containers and Kubernetes, bare metal, the cloud, datacenters and hybrid networks regardless of protocols, ciphers, or session type. The technology is reliable, efficient, and secure and lowers IT costs associated with scaling and performance. Nubeva allows system and solution providers like Riverbed to leverage both cost and economic advantages of enabling pure symmetric decryption in their systems.

“Our award-winning, patented solution enables security and application monitoring systems to see into TLS-encrypted network traffic like never before,” said Randy Chou, CEO at Nubeva. “Our agreement with Riverbed further validates Symmetric Key Intercept as the new technology that, when integrated with existing platforms, can enhance visibility and simplify decryption methods.”


About Nubeva Technologies Ltd. 

Nubeva Technologies Ltd. has changed the decrypted visibility game with pure, symmetric decryption. Nubeva helps enterprises gain the visibility needed through decryption so they can fully inspect network traffic. The need to inspect data in motion is fundamental to network security and application monitoring and assurance. The shift to SaaS, the cloud, and stronger encryption practices like perfect forward secrecy and TLS 1.3, create new and unique challenges for in-line and out-of-band decryption and visibility solutions. Nubeva re-imagined TLS visibility and created a new solution for the modern era of strong encryption in dynamic and distributed compute environments. Visit for more information.

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