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NIST Demonstrates Nubeva Breakthrough in TLS 1.3 Decryption Technology

March 21, 2024

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nubeva Technologies (TSX-V: NBVA) is correcting and replacing the press release that was released under a similar headline on January 30, 2024. The company wishes to clarify that Nubeva’s breakthrough was demonstrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Nubeva Technologies (TSX-V: NBVA), a leader in next-generation decryption solutions, is proud to announce that the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has demonstrated its Nubeva SKI Technology as a component of an example solution for the TLS visibility problem. This lab demonstration is detailed in NIST's Special Publication 1800-37B, which addresses the significant challenges enterprises face with TLS 1.3 visibility in the Enterprise.
TLS 1.3, while offering enhanced security and performance, disrupts traditional traffic inspection techniques used by enterprises for monitoring their internal TLS 1.2 traffic. The NIST publication underscores the need for innovative solutions that maintain operational, cybersecurity, and regulatory controls without compromising the privacy and security enhancements of TLS 1.3 within the enterprise.
Nubeva's patented key extraction technology meets these needs by enabling enterprise decryption of TLS 1.3 traffic, including pinned certificate traffic, for security and visibility. This demonstration at the NCCoE positions Nubeva at the forefront of solutions that facilitate visibility without altering the TLS 1.3 protocol itself.

"As with any pioneering technology, our approach to decryption of TLS 1.3 raised industry questions. We’re pleased that our participation in this project has demonstrated the practicality and viability of our solution," said Randy Chou, CEO of Nubeva. "Organizations have the ability to inspect TLS 1.3 traffic, including pinned certificate traffic, to maintain essential visibility and security to meet their business requirements as they adopt these latest protocols. Nubeva makes it possible.”
Nubeva's SKI technology can improve the capabilities of Secure Web Gateway (SWG), SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), and other products. Solution providers can leverage Nubeva's unique ability to decrypt pinned certificate traffic, containerized environments, and TLS 1.3 passively, to deliver greater value and differentiation of their offerings.
Nubeva's technology aligns with the key management-based solutions outlined in NIST SP 1800-37B, ensuring a seamless transition from TLS 1.2 to TLS 1.3. It allows secure key management and retention, addressing scalability, deployment, and usability challenges highlighted by NIST. In addition, NIST has begun further work on secure key transport and storage and basing much of that effort on Nubeva’s pioneering Fastkey JSON protocol. For more details about Nubeva’s demonstration and to access the NIST Special Publication 1800-37B, visit https://www.nccoe.nist.gov/addressing-visibility-challenges-tls-13.
About Nubeva Technologies
Nubeva develops next-generation enterprise decryption solutions for TLS and Ransomware. The company’s TLS solution consists of a micro-endpoint agent that automatically discovers and extracts symmetric keys from handshake processes in memory in real-time, and then security forwards them to the decryption systems for fast and easy decryption. The solution works without any modification to applications, libraries, network and systems architectures, or PKI. SKI works on nearly all versions of Linux, containers and Kubernetes, and Windows server/client systems. The solution enables decryption of TLS 1.3, 1.2 with PFS, as well as pinned certificate sessions for both passive and inline use cases. The company delivers the solution as a software toolkit to enable solution and service providers, as well as mature SecOps/DevOps teams in the enhancement of existing or new visibility solutions.
Forward-Looking Statements
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