Cloud Tech: How new cloud agents are increasing confidence in the public cloud

    by Erik Freeland 19 February 2019


    By now, articles espousing migrating to the cloud are a dime a dozen. You can find everything from simple how-tos to complete lift and shift project plans being touted as the best way to migrate. At face value, the advantages and cost savings of moving enterprise applications to the public cloud are easy to grasp. Why wouldn’t your enterprise leverage the scale and power of the cloud, which grows as your business grows, without the huge capital investment of adding to an existing data centre?

    Regardless of where a company is in this transition, there are a few cloud myths that always seem to rear their ugly head. One of my personal favourites is, “We don’t need to use security/network tools in the cloud because we’ll never have those issues in the cloud.” To some extent this is correct (I have yet to see a malfunctioning ethernet card that causes issues with a subset of my cloud instances). However, this doesn’t mean a plethora of connectivity snafus and end user application issues have subsided. They’ve simply changed and diagnosing the root cause is now more difficult.





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