Write to File is a common security practice and compliance requirement. Whether continuous, sampled or event-based, write to file for packet capture creates full visibility for SecDevOps teams so they can hunt, optimize and protect their environments. That's why we've created a turn-key integration with Moloch. Moloch is a large scale, open source, full packet capturing, indexing and data base system. Moloch enhances security by storing and indexing network traffic in standard PCAP format. Moloch provides fast, indexed access to all the stored PCAPs. Moloch has an intuitive user experience which reduces the analysis time of suspected incidents.


When moving to the cloud, you can still write to file with Moloch for PCAP storage. With Nubeva  you can write relevant packet traffic from any public cloud service to file.


solution-imgNubeva and Moloch

Nubeva connects simply with Moloch; enhancing your visibility and improving overall security. With a few simple clicks, Nubeva TLS decrypt  sensors are attached to relevant cloud resources. The policy-based solution allows you to easily acquire, process and distribute relevant cloud packet traffic to your Moloch instance or any write to file solution. 

Nubeva is easy, fast and affordable. Nubeva makes simple deployment to our trusted tools a snap at only a fraction of the price of alternatives. Don’t have a Write to File solution? We can help you get started - Contact us to learn more.

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