Technical Brown Bag: Nubeva Moloch March 2020

    by Nubeva 03 March 2020

    Our March Technical Brown Bag, Open Source technology expert, Erik Freeland, will deep dive into the popular Moloch tool. Moloch is an open source, large scale, full packet capturing (FPC), indexing, and database system equipping security teams with metadata parsing and searching capabilities for after-the-face investigations and threat hunting.

    During the session, Erik will cover:
    1) Moloch Overview
    2) Core use cases for Moloch
    3) Investigation a Security Incident using Flows and Headers
    4) Investigation a Security Incident with Modern TLS Decrypt
    5) Overview of simplified QuickStart to launch Moloch with new TLS visibility capabilities

    We will end the session with Question and Answers. If you would like to follow along and ask questions live, check out the Nubeva TLS Decrypt + AWS QuickStart for easy, deployment of Moloch + Nubeva or head to to create a free trial account.

    Tags: AWS Opensource moloch
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