Nubeva and ProtectWise shift network security to the cloud for complete visibility and detection of enterprise threats and faster, comprehensive incident response. Nubeva TLS decrypt, Software as a Service (SaaS) enables organizations to run best of breed visibility technologies, such as ProtectWise Grid™ in public cloud environments. 

Solution Overview: 

ProtectWise: The ProtectWise Grid™ uses lightweight software sensors to capture full-fidelity network traffic from any segment —  from the DMZ to the core, on cloud networks, and even industrial environments. The platform performs detections in depth,  at a scale not previously possible because of the elastic compute of the cloud. Sensors send data to ProtectWise platform in the cloud to create a perfect, rapidly searchable network memory to observe attacks unfolding over time. Visualizations in the ProtectWise Grid™ can be used for real-time situational awareness or as a forensic workbench for incident response teams and threat hunters. It provides actionable intelligence, including a correlated view of threats, and packet-level forensic capabilities to speed incident response and threat hunting.

Nubeva: Nubeva's Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") enables enterprises to run best-of-breed visibility in public cloud environments. Our solution lets organizations acquire, process and distribute cloud packets from sources in the public cloud to their tools of choice -- whether in-cloud or on-premises. 


How it Works:

Nubeva's' policy-based agents are deployed to workloads in the public cloud and automatically scale to acquire, process and distribute cloud packets to in-cloud sensors from ProtectWise. Packets are then consumed, analyzed and stored by ProtectWise while Nubeva delivers telemetry to provide perimeter security. Together, Nubeva and ProtectWise enable threat hunting and defense in depth for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

With Nubeva’s cloud packet processing and optimized replication to ProtectWise in-cloud sensors, ProtectWise sees more deeply than ever before into elastic compute workloads whether they’re running on Linux or Windows operating systems; containers, container clusters or VMs; ARM or x86 processors; or EKS, AKS or GKE. 


Solution Benefits: 

Nubeva and ProtectWise joint customers gain full visibility into cloud workloads. Our fire-and-forget, policy-driven solution allows for automated scaling,  enabling organizations to move on to what matters. Together, we provide a unified view of what is happening at the packet-level across all environments for continuous and automated threat detection, analysis and PCAP access for forensic investigations. Key benefits include: 

  • Elastic Auto Scaling -  Nubeva TLS Decrypt features automated deployment, assignment and packet acquisition in public cloud environments. Automated assignment rules are keyed off cloud workload metadata like tags, regions, application names, or even unique IDs. As new instances spin up and as environments scale to meet demand, Nubeva TLS decrypt automatically connect and start sending processed packet streams to ProtectWise. With elastic autoscaling from Nubeva, ProtectWise never misses a beat protecting dynamic cloud environments.
  • Unified View of What MattersCombining ProtectWise with Nubeva TLS decrypt instruments the public cloud so that analysts can completely correlate context across all compute workloads and traditional networks. With this unified information, analysts can automate the detection of security events and investigation-worthy anomalies.
  • Agentless Azure Access - Nubeva TLS decrypt integrates with Azure’s VTAP architecture through Prisms Service Processor. This unique integration extends and enhances out of the box VTAP capabilities. It allows traffic to be concentrated from multiple VTAPs and multiplexed to tools like ProtectWise with advanced processing capabilities. In addition, Nubeva TLS decrypt can connect directly between sources of traffic and destination tools.

The Nubeva and ProtectWise integration helps organizations accelerate their transformation to the cloud rather than work around roadblocks from other vendors. Together, ProtectWise and Nubeva provide customers with holistic, automated network threat detection and response capabilities across all environments, from traditional datacenters to the cloud. Not to mention, Nubeva TLS decrypt is disruptively affordable. 

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