Nubeva Announces Support for New Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAPs With Nubeva Prisms

    by Nubeva ‚óŹ 26 September 2018

    Nubeva Collaborates with Microsoft to Integrate & Enhance VTAP Azure Traffic Feeds Providing Complete, Advanced Solution for Enterprise Customers. 

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nubeva Technologies Ltd. ("Nubeva" or the "Company") (TSX-V: NBVA, OTC: NBVAF), today announced full support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAPs (VTAPs) in its Nubeva Prisms product. With the combination of VTAPs and Nubeva Prisms, customers have the most complete, easy, advanced and affordable solution to capture, aggregate, process and replicate traffic from Virtual Machines and containers in Azure VNETs to one or many tool destinations. With Microsoft Azure VTAPs and Nubeva Prisms, customers can get the right packet traffic in the correct formats to their tools and enable full visibility and control.

    "Azure Virtual Network TAP provides continuous mirroring of virtual machine network traffic to a packet collector without using agents," wrote Yousef Khalidi Corporate Vice President, Azure Networking on his blog on Monday (Link: . "Out of band monitoring, security, and performance solutions can now be deployed in your Virtual Network. Solutions are available from...Nubeva."

    As a Microsoft Virtual Network TAP Partner, Nubeva will provide production support within 30 days of Azure VTAPs general availability. Nubeva will provide early access and preview options in Q4 of calendar 2018. Customers desiring Azure packet traffic visibility today can make use of Nubeva Prisms' zero-touch sensor technology which currently provides a high-performance traffic tapping solution for Azure resources. Customers will have a seamless upgrade path to VTAPs instrumentation when released. When VTAPs are G.A. and in use in customer environments, Nubeva Prisms enhances VTAPs through simple yet sophisticated policy-based management, support for traffic aggregation, filtering and replication of traffic to multiple tools.

    Azure Virtual Network TAP is a native platform capability that provides deep copy of virtual machine network traffic to a network packet collector like Nubeva Prisms. Microsoft unveiled its VTAP at the its Ignite conference in Orlando, FL, on September 26, 2018 (Link:

    Nubeva Prisms is engineered to work with and enhance Microsoft VTAPs. By consuming VTAP feeds then processing, refining and replicating that traffic, Nubeva Prisms automatically creates finely-filtered feeds for tool sets with unlimited elastic scalability. Together, VTAPs and Nubeva Prisms provide tool vendors and customers with unprecedented visibility and control of their cloud network traffic.

    "The innovative access and visibility solution from Nubeva Prisms on top of Microsoft Virtual Network TAPs is a leap forward for enterprises transitioning to the public cloud," said Ramon Peypoch, Chief Product Officer at ProtectWise. "With solutions like this that combine access, advanced packet refining, automatic scaling and disruptively affordable pricing, ProtectWise can make our cloud-native security, monitoring and detection capabilities available to more organizations than ever before. This will only help companies accelerate their digital transformation and do so with confidence."

    Nubeva's Prisms solution is able to consume traffic from a Microsoft VTAP and then apply processing, refining and replication capabilities to the traffic streams. Nubeva Prisms will then forward the processed traffic to destinations such as security tools, network performance monitoring, application performance monitoring, packet capture and other compliance tools, including destinations outside of the VNET in which the VTAP exists.

    Nubeva Prisms is also able to directly tap virtual machines and containers in Azure to deliver either point-to-point or point-to-hub-to-multiple destinations traffic mirroring, filtering and replication.

    VTAPs are an important input into the Nubeva Prisms solution in Azure environments as they deliver full stream, raw packet traffic. Nubeva Prisms augments VTAPs by applying smart filters, routing, forwarding, replication and a host of other traffic refining and grooming capabilities to the VTAP streams.

    "We are extremely excited about innovating with Microsoft in order to deliver both access and full support for packet traffic visibility and control in Azure," said Randy Chou, CEO of Nubeva.

    Microsoft VTAPs In Early Limited Availability, Nubeva Foresees Positive Business Impact
    Nubeva Prisms is engineered to deliver elastic automation for visibility in Azure. Users of both Microsoft VTAPs and Nubeva Prisms can automatically apply their visibility, capture and monitoring rules to any system in their VNET. This helps to eliminate errors from forgetting to include visibility and monitoring capabilities when adding new compute capacity. It also helps to reduce or even eliminate delays from waiting to instrument new capacity or images with ad hoc monitoring capability. Nubeva Prisms delivers focused filtering of VTAP feeds which provide security, application/network monitoring and compliance tools exactly - and only - what they need. This eliminates extraneous transport charges, CPU and bandwidth consumption.

    Together VTAPs and Nubeva Prisms deliver coverage that is as elastic as the Azure cloud.

    About Nubeva Technologies Ltd. 
    Nubeva Technologies Ltd. develops Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") software and services that enable enterprises to run best-of-breed cybersecurity in public cloud environments. Nubeva's products provide enhanced visibility and control over network traffic and simplified automation and operation that is essential to run top-tier security technologies and services in the cloud easily and at low costs. With Nubeva, organizations can leverage existing policies, technologies and operations and accelerate their move to the cloud with confidence. San Jose, CA-headquartered Nubeva is committed to the vision of dramatically broader and lower cost availability of the world's best security to confront the rising cyber-crime threat. Visit for more information. 

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