ntopng is a high-speed, web-based traffic analysis and flow collection tool. The ntopng network traffic probe monitors network use and is based on libpcap. It was written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform, MacOSX and Windows. ntop provides an intuitive, encrypted web-user interface for the exploration of real-time and historical traffic information. ntopng requires packet data to monitor the activity on the network, however, with the move to the cloud, capturing and distributing packet-level data from resources in the public cloud is not possible.


solution-imgNubeva and ntop

ntop may be a popular tool to monitor network traffic, but without the ability to capture and feed cloud packet traffic to ntop, teams experience gaps in their network visibility. Nubeva fills the gap.

Nubeva can acquire, process and distribute packet traffic from virtual machines, containers and other cloud services to ntop. This solution is easy, fast and affordable; and it enables simple deployment to your trusted tools at a fraction of the price of alternatives.

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