As a nervous system of every modern organization, the cluster of business-critical applications must deliver at expected quality consistently. To avoid service delays, application unavailability and degradation of user experience that directly impacts the satisfaction of customers and users, and thus business goals and reputation, businesses must be able to see what is happening in network traffic and respond immediately to mitigate the financial impact.

Enterprises often loose network traffic visibility when moving their infrastructure to the cloud. In addition, they lack the compact view on user experience measurements for instant identification, whether the problem is in the network or application level.

Flowmon Networks and Nubeva join forces to bring a comprehensive network & application performance analytics and security solution for both cloud and hybrid environments. Applications running in pubic cloud are monitored in the very same way as they used to be in the on-prem world. Nubeva helps Flowmon’s customers to get a mirrored traffic or IPFIX/NetFlow telemetry data in environments, where traditional L2 tapping simply doesn’t work. Thanks to Nubeva, Flowmon monitors both cloud and on-prem worlds, providing instant information necessary to resolve network performance issues, to identify optimization opportunities and to be able to guarantee that infrastructure across different environments supports business-critical services.

solution-imgNubeva Prisms and Flowmon

Flowmon and Nubeva turn cloud-based infrastructure into a transparent environment enabling effective user experience monitoring. Flowmon provides powerful analytics while Nubeva ensures access to either raw network or telemetry (IPFIX/NetFlow) data.

Nubeva Prisms tap, filter and distribute cloud packet traffic to Flowmon Collector equipped with built-in probe for flow generation. Flowmon DPI engine enriches traditional flow telemetry with specific L7 items (HTTP/S, DNS, TLS, DHCP, VoIP and more) to bring instant insights, reports and analytics of specific application protocols. Collector is typically deployed in-cloud from AWS or Azure Marketplaces.

Nubeva Prisms can send tapped traffic to Flowmon encapsulated in VXLAN or GRE tunnels. Configuration is as simple as setting the destination IP for mirrored traffic and decapsulation method on the collector

In case where L7 visibility is not required, Nubeva can provide IPFIX or NetFlow directly to Flowmon Collector. Customers optimizing charged data transfers between DCs in different regions can reduce traffic at 500:1 aggregation rate when sending IPFIX/NetFlow instead of mirrored traffic.


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