Amazon Web Services is the backbone for large enterprise cloud transformations. AWS has the services to help organizations build sophisticated applications and core business functions with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. New resources, services and network architectures significantly increase speed and adapt to usage demands elastically. This new opportunity can also make teams lose access to packet level data that traditionally fueled the network, application and security monitoring tools. Don't let security and lack of visibility become a barrier to cloud adoption.  


With the cloud, traditional network intersections you once monitored no longer exist. Physical TAPs, SPANs, mirrors and packet brokers used to acquire and distribute packet traffic in the data center don't work in the cloud. The teams in charge of protecting your networks, and the tools they need, are starved of the packet traffic they require. Nubeva Prisms is the simple solution to feed AWS cloud packets to the tools your teams rely upon.


solution-imgNubeva Prisms and AWS

Nubeva Prisms gives organizations the confidence they need to pursue cloud transformation with AWS. Nubeva Prisms acquire, process and distribute AWS cloud packet traffic to your tools - whether in-cloud and or on-premises. Our born-in-the-cloud architecture moves with the elasticity, scalability and speed of the cloud.


Nubeva Prisms is the most advanced, easiest to use, and most affordable solution to get  your AWS cloud packets to your monitoring tools and services. 


Nubeva is a proud member of the AWS Partner Network.  Nubeva and AWS together provide the tools, services and confidence organizations need to activate cloud transformation. Nubeva customers benefit from our use of AWS EC2 and ECS services within the Nubeva Prisms solution. This allows for secure, deep cloud packet visibility at scale. Powered by AWS, Nubeva Prisms technology is able to offer unmatched compute efficiency, throughput and control elasticity. Nubeva Prisms provides the fastest, cheapest and easiest solution to mirror cloud packets to security, application and monitoring tools in-cloud and on-prem. 



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