Brochure: Prisms Services Processor (PSP) with Elastic Packet Processing Services.

    by Nubeva 16 April 2019

    Nubeva Prisms’ PSPs are purpose-built for packet processing at scale. The PSPs orchestrate mirrored traffic between cloud workloads and security tools, enabling security solutions not previously available be deployed in the cloud. Nubeva Prisms provide the only cloud-native solution for advanced packet stream processing.

    Nubeva Prisms’ Elastic Packet Processor (EPP) runs inside the PSP. The EPP is its own high-performance, autoscaling packet stream processor that handles the heavy lifting of advanced filtering and replication of traffic between sources and destinations. Sources can be any workload in the cloud equipped with a Nubeva Prisms agent or configured with an agentless solution like a cloud infrastructure TAP or mirror.

    Tags: AWS Azure Cloud Packet Broker cloud visibility public cloud cloud monitoring
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