Don't Get Stuck in the Decryption Stone Age: Nubeva TLS with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring

    by Nubeva 07 October 2019

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    Overview: New TLS encryption standards puts security at the forefront, but what about the visibility issue? Join us for a “How To” webinar covering the newest possibilities for decryption in the cloud to enable incident response, network detection and response and other key security and devops use cases .

    During the session, Steve Perkins, Chief Product Officer and Erik Freeland, Director of Customer Success at Nubeva, will discuss the complications and opportunities surrounding the new TLS 1.3 protocols. They will walk through how organizations can evolve with new encryption standards and also gain full decrypted traffic visibility for intrusion detection, threat hunting, incident response and beyond with Amazon native packet acquisition technology, Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and industry-leading open source monitoring tools. 

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