Organizations rely on Microsoft Azure to accelerate business in the era of digital transformation. Azure public cloud promotes speed, flexibility and cost reduction. Organizations spin up new resources, services, and network architectures with ease. The cloud has eliminated the network intersections that were once monitored. Physical TAPs, SPANs, mirrors and packet brokers that fed packet traffic to security tools and applications are not around in the cloud. As a result, the teams in charge of protecting the network and its resources are starved of the packet traffic they require.


Cloud adoption changes the way the world does business. Security shouldn’t be a barrier to advancement. There is a simple solution to get Azure Cloud Packets to your tools - whether using Azure’s serverless solution - Virtual Network Taps (VTAPS) or virtual machines and containerized services.


solution-imgNubeva and Microsoft Azure 

Nubeva TLS Decrypt provides the answer security teams and tool owners need to direct Azure cloud traffic to monitoring and analysis tools. Our solution allows organizations to acquire, process and distribute packet-level traffic from VTAPs, VMs and containers in Microsoft Azure.




Our Nubeva Traffic Mirroring solution integrates with Azure’s VTAP architecture. This unique integration enhances VTAP capabilities. It allows traffic to be concentrated from multiple VTAPs and multiplexed to various tools. Nubeva TLS Decrypt enables intelligent filtering, reducing traffic duplication and optimizing bandwidth utilization. In addition, Nubeva can connect directly between sources of traffic and destination tools.


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