Providing unfettered access to all of the bits, bytes and packets flowing through a network is a critical piece of network design. Without it, security appliances, monitoring devices and analytical solutions cannot function optimally – a critical issue in a world where downtime or a security breach could cost millions. Traditional Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) provide hardware that tap physical devices in an organization's network. With the move to the cloud, access to virtual machines, containers and other cloud services is not natively possible.

Garland Technology’s purpose-built NPBs provide access to network traffic from multiple links to help centralize and improve efficiencies by sharing packets between the monitoring and security appliances. Additional NPB features include filtering, aggregating, regenerating and load balancing. Traditional NPBs must be augmented to bring their functionality to the cloud.


solution-imgNubeva Prisms and Garland

Nubeva Prisms gives cloud access to Garland Technology's NPBs. When moving to the cloud, organizations must decide how to acquire data flows from the cloud. Nubeva Prisms allows teams to use their trusted tools, such as Garland Technology's NPBs. Nubeva Prisms fire and forget, policy-based system acquires traffic from services in public clouds, processes that traffic and distributes it to Garland Technology to enable complete visibility.

Our solution is easy, fast and affordable, with simple deployment, at a fraction of the price of alternatives. Don’t have a solution to connect your Garland Technology's Network Packet Broker to the cloud? We can help you get started - Contact us to learn more.



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