Nubeva Enables Security and Visibility in Google Cloud

Many Google Cloud customers use advanced security and traffic inspection tools on-prem, and need the same tools to be available in GCP. Nubeva’s host-based Packet Mirroring and out-of-band TLS Decryption software enable you to secure and troubleshoot your existing Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) including container-to-container and Kubernetes traffic.


How to Solve Decrypted Visibility in Google? 

Nubeva enables your existing third-party tools to collect and inspect fully decrypted network traffic - elastically, at line speed and at scale. Nubeva helps your teams, tools and processes provide intrusion detection, application performance monitoring, better security controls and compliance of workloads running in Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


What is Nubeva Decrypted Visibility Solution?

  • Nubeva Traffic Mirrors mirroring container to container and Kubernetes traffic as well as traditional virtualized environments in fully elastic and East-West GCP environments. Nubeva is able to access and mirror packet traffic that no other organization is able to get, even during microservice burst events. 
  • Nubeva TLS Decrypt is the only out-of-band, fully passive, software-based SSL decryption solution that handles both forward secrecy and TLS 1.3. Nubeva TLS Decrypt uses patented Symmetric Key Intercept to automatically discover and obtain final, ephemeral encryption keys. Nubeva TLS Decrypt works with Nubeva Traffic Mirrors or any other packet mirroring or brokering service.  


How Nubeva Helps Customers Working in GCP?

  • Ensure advanced network security by feeding complete, decrypted network traffic to your inspection, detection, prevention and response tools. SecDevOps teams are able to proactively detect and respond to threats, intrusions and zero-day or previously unknown attacks moving in and across ephemeral GCP compute workloads. 

  • Improve application availability and performance with the ability to analyze and diagnose all traffic traversing the wire or moving inside container clusters and Kubernetes environments. Teams don’t have to try to piece together issues from incomplete application logs.

  • Support regulatory and compliance requirements by enabling audit and inspection teams to view exactly what is happening at exactly where it happened. 


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