Using ProtectWise and Nubeva Prisms in Your Public Cloud Environment

    Posted by Nubeva on Mar 1, 2019 6:10:12 AM

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    tl;dr: Your IT organization is migrating apps and resources to the public cloud to maximize budgets and take advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers. And it’s all because in-cloud monitoring and security capabilities are, finally, the real deal.

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    There’s no shortage of reasons why enterprise IT teams are migrating apps and resources to the public cloud. Today’s public cloud platforms offer:

    • A broad range of cloud products and services across infrastructure, application platforms, application development and maintenance tools, infrastructure management, and consulting.
    • Access to a growing list of third-party app providers. Companies moving to the public cloud can take advantage of these solutions and applications to smooth the transition and support their operations.
    • Low operating costs and total cost of ownership in the cloud.
    • Next-level cloud security and threat detection is a reality. Technology firms have working solutions to ensure in-cloud security – providing the same fast and effective incident response, threat hunting and cost savings you’re used to with your on-prem tools. 

    This last point is vital.

    According to the Cloud Adoption and Risk Survey conducted and published by McAfee, the average enterprise organization experiences 31.3 cloud related security threats each month. Broken down by category, these include insider threats (both accidental and malicious), privileged user threats, and threats arising from potentially compromised accounts.

    Using security in depth solutions like ProtectWise, SecOps can see more deeply than ever before into elastic compute workloads whether they’re running on:

    • Linux or Windows operating systems
    • Containers, container clusters or VMs
    • ARM or x86 processors
    • EKS, AKS or GKE

    And now, a new Nubeva/ProtectWise collaboration provides IT organizations with a complete elastic workload visibility and protection solution specifically for the public cloud.

    ProtectWise provides automated threat detection and response across time. Nubeva makes application, network and elastic workload packet traffic from the public cloud available to ProtectWise from any of the most-used operating systems and public clouds.

    Nubeva Prisms, a next-gen cloud agent, automatically scales to capture, filter, replicate and create balanced brokering of cloud packets to ProtectWise in-cloud sensors. ProtectWise consumes, analyzes and stores packet traffic and telemetry from Nubeva to provide perimeter security, threat hunting and defense in depth for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

    Want to learn more? Register now for our next Connect Your Cloud webinar, Thursday, March 28 at 2 p.m. eastern time. ProtectWise and Nubeva experts will share the best practices organizations use to successfully transition to the cloud while achieving the advanced visibility necessary to detect and respond to events. 


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