How Nubeva and Riverbed Improve Security with Added Visibility for Encrypted Network Traffic

    by Nubeva 05 October 2020

    Riverbed AppResponse Adds TLS Analysis and PFS API with help of Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept Technology 

    With the creation of Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept technology, we saw a clear path to enhance and enable leading technologies in the security and network monitoring space. On September 30, we announced an integration agreement with Riverbed to integrate Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept technology with their AppResponse product. This integration enables AppResponse users to have access to a Network Performance Management (NPM) solution that delivers full stack network and application analysis. With the integration of Nubeva, these users will have an even deeper level of visibility into TLS-encrypted application traffic using Nubeva’s solution to decrypt traffic for performance monitoring and security purposes.


    In a recent blog, Riverbed’s Heidi Gabrielson breaks down the importance of adding TLS Analysis to their product suite. “According to Gartner, more than 70 percent of malware campaigns in 2020 used some type of encryption to conceal malware delivery, command-and-control activity or data exfiltration. Clearly, it is becoming essential to have visibility into encrypted traffic.”


    How it works: 

    With the majority of communication traffic today being encrypted with the TLS encryption protocol, Nubeva’s breakthrough technology discovers and extracts final session encryption keys from TLS servers and TLS clients during the handshake. This  makes the  keys securely available to enterprise tools and systems, resulting in more complete, easier, and more economic decryption of traffic for deep packet inspection. It also discovers symmetric keys from containers and Kubernetes environments, intra-zone VPCs, cloud and pinned traffic. Learn more about Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept approach. 


    Learn more about Riverbed’s formally released PFS API (Perfect Forward Secrecy), now integrated with Nubeva’s Symmetric Key Intercept technology. 

    Tags: network security traffic visibility visibility decryption TLS encryption symmetric key intercept
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