Game of Packets (or How to Get Packet Visibility in Hybrid Clouds)

    Posted by Nubeva on Feb 20, 2019 10:58:20 AM

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    tl;dr: As the use of hybrid cloud platforms continue, information technology teams need new solutions that allow access and visibility into cloud packets – either through the use of high-cost cloud-based tools or by brokering packets back to on-prem tools already in place. Nubeva and Garland Technology partnered to solve this packet visibility conundrum.

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    As the final season of the HBO hit Game of Thrones draws near (April 14, 2019), there’s no end to fan opinion about how the Night King will be defeated and who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne.


    The build-up to GoT’s final episode is similar to the growth in popularity and use of public cloud platforms. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others aspire to rule the kingdom – but no one knows who will prevail...yet.


    As enterprises adopt and prioritize use of public cloud platforms, they continue to favor hybrid cloud architectures – at least until public clouds provide data-center-like access to security tools and visibility. IT leaders are faced with using on-prem and cloud architectures that allow them to accomplish goals today and prepare their organizations for the future.


    Nubeva and Garland Technology recently announced a partnership and hosted a webinar in which the two entities shared features of a combined solution designed to help organizations maximize their hybrid cloud environment.


    Greg Zemlin, a product manager at Garland Technology, explained the importance of network visibility in both on-prem and hybrid-cloud systems. To maximize IT investment, organizations need to ensure no loss of packets for out of band tools occurs. With a well-built foundation, the enterprise can optimize tools, enhance their existing infrastructure and increase network speeds when necessary.


    “Network visibility is about physical layer taps that provide 100% visibility for out of band monitoring tools,” said Zemlin. “We’ve created purpose-built packet brokers that allow traffic to be tapped and distributed to the appropriate monitoring and security tools. But doing this in the public cloud has been overlooked until recently. Enterprise IT organizations need 100% visibility into their networks – both on-prem and in the cloud.”


    Nubeva enables best-of-breed security and controls in the public cloud with an easy, affordable solution called Nubeva Prisms.


    “In the traditional data center, organizations have physical access to protect and monitor assets through the use of taps and network packet brokers,” said Nichole Delp, business development director at Nubeva. “Instead of starving your tools or relying on basic flow logs from the cloud, why not implement a solution where you get rich cloud packet payloads that provide the analytics you need?”


    How It Works


    Nubeva Prisms, a next-gen cloud packet broker, can be easily deployed in the public cloud to acquire packets, then filter, slice and deduplicate traffic to reduce the volume sent to either cloud or on-prem tools.


    Prisms processes the packets, then replicates the traffic and distributes a copy where it’s needed. Garland Technology’s advanced aggregator is able to receive the Prisms-processed cloud network traffic and feed it to on-prem tools. The combined solution connects the physical data center layer to public cloud traffic and gives hybrid cloud users the ability to have 360-degree visibility to packet traffic; something that is vital during an event, for compliance and to assure application performance. The solution eliminates blind spots cloud migration often presents to IT teams.


    The Nubeva / Garland Technology solution allows organizations to instrument their public cloud presence to monitor and analyze packet data and send packets to on-prem tools. Nubeva Prisms acquires and mirrors traffic in the public cloud across containers, virtual machines (and soon) serverless. Prisms handles the heavy lifting and can be quickly configured to acquire and distribute packets to tools in the cloud or send cloud packets to VPCs, Vnets or tool clusters that broker packets to the appropriate on-prem tools


    “We’ve created an affordable way for customers to get the packet visibility they need in the cloud to monitor potential security threats and instantly respond to those instances,” said Delp. “If you choose to send the acquired packets to on-prem tools, you simple take a single source of traffic and drop it into an on-prem box, then let Garland’s packet broker technology send it where it needs to go.”


    “Once the packets arrive at the physical layer, we use an advanced aggregator, configured with a single port to an ISP and map it to a single output device, such as ntop,” added Zemlin. “From there the traffic can be manipulated however it’s needed.”


    The solution provides network visibility to information technology teams for both on-premise and cloud workloads. IT teams and tools finally get the access to packets and data they need in their hybrid cloud environment to meet business security and compliance requirements.



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