Weed Out the Junk: Don't Settle for Circumstantial Evidence in Alert Triage

by Nubeva 12 November 2019

TLDR: Metadata and anomaly analysis are good first-pass detection in the SOC. However, metadata delivers only circumstantial evidence, not concrete proof. For proof, you need decrypted visibility to the packet and payload traffic. 

Decryption In Action: Decrypted Visibility with Wireshark for TLS 1.3

by Nubeva 24 October 2019

Get Real-Time Decrypted Network Traffic to Inspect and Troubleshoot with Wireshark

Make Your Wireshark See All

by Nubeva 23 October 2019


Making Container and Kubernetes Decryption in the Cloud Possible

by Nubeva 04 September 2019

READ TIME: 2 min., 57 sec.

Six Questions About Network Decryption in the Cloud

by Nubeva 28 August 2019

Time to Read: 7 min. 49 sec.

Expanded TLS 1.3 Decryption

by Nubeva 26 August 2019

READ TIME: 2 minute, 58 seconds

Flying Blind in the Cloud? Stop It!

by Nubeva 16 August 2019

READ TIME: 2 min., 40 sec.

What Is Symmetric Key Intercept Architecture?

by Nubeva 08 August 2019

READ TIME: 3 min. 25 sec

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